Gadget Examples

If you want to design a gadget, what are some good gadget examples? The answer is easy. One example would be the desktop gadget: how many times have you come home from work and wanted to play with your computer but just could not find a good office desk to do so? The simple solution would be to turn it into a desk gadget. The desktop gadget could consist of a laptop and maybe a mouse.

Another example could be the front door opener: what if you could keep an eye on your children when they were at their house? There are some front door opener gadgets out there like digital key locks, that can keep the children out of your way if you don’t want them inside or just to give you a heads up on what is going on in the house. If you want a computer gadget that can do more than just connect to the internet, consider a scanner and perhaps a printer or a scanner and printer as well. These would each require some sort of battery or power source. The more mobile a scanner is, the more portable it has to be to remain within the reach of your kids or of your very busy schedule.

A software program, such as a chat application or a calendar, would require a bit more hardware and will take up some space, but is worth the extra cost and space to have this one useful piece of software. Once the application runs, the person with it has access to some chat rooms and other social networking features. The point here is that this will be considered a desktop gadget and will be used in addition to your regular computer. This particular piece of software will also have a more portable and mobile form, making it especially helpful for working at a cafe or other place where one does not have a desk.
A wallet would be another one: a wallet is, for many people, a necessity. So, why not combine a wallet with a computer, printer, digital clock, or even a calendar for an additional handy item. In fact, these are some of the gadgets that can be added to your regular computer; a cellular phone, for example, would be another.

Many gadgets have printable stickers that can be used to advertise products and companies. These are the perfect gadget examples. Imagine the possibilities.